Who We Are

Visture Property Group owns and operates properties throughout Ontario. From Huntsville, Hamilton, Peterborough and Orillia Ontario, the common thread that runs through Visture is Executive lifestyle without the hassle!

Visture Property Group is unique because we’re a family business that cares about its clients. We don’t buy into the old adage of ‘tenant and landlord’. We view our tenants as clients and treat them as such. Every client is VIP at Visture Property Group and Visture Property Management.

“Our mission at Visture is to enrich lives through real estate”

Managing Partners Mike & Jean-Guy Francoeur (father & son) team below

Executive Leadership Team

Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur, CEO: As the CEO, an author and serial entrepreneur, I love being able to make a difference and leave this world a better place. Visture Property Group was founded with Visture and the Future in mind (hence “Vis_Ture”).

Mike Francoeur, COO: As the COO and former mining executive I bring governance, excellence and a commitment to completion. Put plainly, we deliver on our promises.

Yla Mata: As the Executive Assistant to Mike and JG, I have the pleasure of working closely with the entire organization and all of our clients.

Robert Hermann: As Visture’s Construction Project Coordinator, I have the honour of working on all our major renovation and construction initiatives. This is very satisfying because we get to see our vision come to life before our very eyes.

Celine G. Mallette: As a Paralegal I get to work directly with Visture’s property management clients in order to help them solve their legal challenges. I also have the pleasure of working a Visture’s Process and Procedure Administrator which allows me to systemize the company to provide impeccable service. This is why no other property management company in Peterborough can duplicate our level of service. We are systemized for your success and to enrich all lives.

Ryan Blundell: As Visture’s Property Management Coordinator, I get to work very closely with our rental clients (aka: Tenants). Visture provides executive living lifestyle without the hassle of home ownership and I have the pleasure of making this happen day in and day out.

Patrick Johnson: One of our secret’s to being Peterborough’s property management company of choice is that we have our own internal Maintenace team and I’m proud to lead that team.

Caleb Bowyer: Being on the Maintenance team allows me to help our rental clients live in the best possible environment. To make sure their home is in tip top shape.

Rob Boak: I love working on our Maintenance team and I spend most of my time on our landscaping projects

Maceo Moreno: Working on the Maintenance team allows me to grow my skills beyond what I went to school for. I love the field of real estate and always excited to deep dive into our project and help our rental clients.

Ron Huntsville: Working on the Huntsville Maintenance team gives me the chance to interact face-to-face with our amazing clients.

Ken Canestoga: I’ve lived and worked in Orillia my entire life and I love seeing our great clients enjoying such a great city which is why I love working on the Orillia Maintenance team.

This amazing team of individuals helps keep Visture Property Group and Visture Property Management as Peterborough’s #1 source for real estate investments and property management services in Peterborough and Orillia.