Who We Are

Visture Property Group owns and operates properties throughout Northern and Eastern Ontario. From Timmins, Huntsville, Peterborough and Orillia Ontario, the common thread that runs through Visture is our mission; Executive lifestyle without the hassle!

Visture Property Group is unique because we’re a family business that cares about its clients. We don’t buy into the old adage of ‘tenant and landlord’. We view our tenants as clients and treat them as such. Every client is VIP at Visture Property Group.

Managing Partners Mike & Jean-Guy Francoeur (father & son) team below

Leadership Team

Mike Francoeur: As a mining executive I bring governance, excellence and a commitment to completion. Put plainly, we deliver on our promises.

Jean-Guy Francoeur: As an author and serial entrepreneur, I love being able to make a difference and leave this world a better place.

Kerri Holley-Francoeur: Visture embodies Vision and Future and that’s how I came up with the company name Visture. As the owner of The Urban Spa in Peterborough, we feel we have a fundamental understand of what providing an executive living experience means.

Marc-Andre Francoeur: Having worked with the biggest names in show-business like Justin Timberlake, who strives to deliver an incredible entertainment experience; at Visture we do our best to deliver a living experience, not just an living space.