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Rent-Ready Renovations: You Won’t Believe The Before & After! 👀

Are you a rental housing provider who has an outdated property or isn’t maximizing your return on investment? You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about a property that’s below your standards. As a real estate investor, you should be getting the most out of your portfolio and your investments.  The #1 way to improve your…Read More→

Why Coach & Laneway Houses are Completely Changing the Game for Real Estate Investors

A new type of affordable housing is on the rise across Canada and it’s not old school basement suites, tiny condos or repurposed shipping containers. A coach house, or laneway home is an accessory residential unit (ARU) on an existing property, usually built in the backyards of single-family homes, or duplexes. Most coach houses average…Read More→

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CEO of Visture JG Francoeur Interviews Author of Rethinking Humanity

JG Francoeur, the CEO of Visture Property Group, was a co-host and keynote speaker at The Great Real Estate RESET Summit hosted by The Real Estate Investment Network in November 2021. In anticipation of the event, co-hosts JG Francoeur and Patrick Francey interviewed Jamie Arbib who is the co-author of Rethinking Humanity. In this interview,…Read More→

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Realtor Masterclass

This masterclass was conducted for a group of realtors in Peterborough Ontario. The main purpose of this masterclass is to help realtors help their real estate investor clients. See property investors look at the real estate market through a certain set of filters and those filters are different than regular home owners. In this 60…Read More→

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Hosting & Speaking @ Real Estate Investor Summit

JG Francoeur, CEO of Visture Property Group & Property Management will be hosting and speaking at the Real Estate Investment Network SUMMIT March 19-20 >> The #1 source and resource for building passive or active income through investing in real estate – in up markets or down markets! https://reincanada.com/events/summit/ Join Canada’s top in-the-trenches real estate…Read More→